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Keranique Review: Jessica B.

My name is Jessica B. and I am a cancer survivor. I want to tell you about a product line for hair loss called Keranique. Two years ago, I lost all of my hair while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. Even after I was cured, my hair never grew back like it had been before I got sick. Where I once had thick blonde curls, I now grew a dishwater-colored fuzz that was breakable and patchy on my scalp. It was so depressing to try to style my hair because no matter what I did, it looked sickly and limp. I started wearing hats everywhere so I didn’t have to deal with it.

I started researching hair care treatments online, hoping to find anything that might help. There are a lot of products out there that make a lot of promises, and most of them are really expensive. But the Keranique website said I could try out their hair regrowth products and I’d only have to pay the shipping and handling costs if I didn’t like them. How could I refuse the offer? With nothing to lose, I ordered the Keranique 8-Day Intensive Scalp Infusion Treatment and the Hair Regrowth Treatment with 2 Minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient. I also ordered some of the Thickening and Texturizing Mousse.

I noticed a difference in my hair in less than 2 weeks. First there was a week with some extra hair loss that worried me, but I learned that this is completely normal as the scalp becomes healthy again. Then my hair started growing in and filling in the patchy spots. It was amazing. This new hair wasn’t fuzzy or breakable, but was thick like my old hair had been. The Keranique Instant-FX Hair Thickening Fiber I received with my next order helped my hair look great while the new hair grew in. I continued using the products and my hair just kept on growing.

The Thickening and Texturizing Mousse helped me style it in ways that maximized the volume of my hair while keeping its shape. At this time, I ordered the Anti-breakage Detangling Comb, too, and it helped to minimize damage to my hair from all of the extra styling it was getting. It was so energizing and exciting to play with different hairdos and to feel feminine again! When you lose all of your hair, and then it grows back ugly, you can feel so undesirable and “different.” Keranique made me feel good about myself again. I no longer had to wear hats every day. I was proud to show off my growing curls to the world.

After getting such great results, I ordered some of the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner. They worked with the Hair Regrowth Treatment and Hair Regrowth Spray to make my hair healthier than ever. I continue to use them, as well as the mousse and the sprays, because I have yet to find any styling products that work so well. Every month or so, I’ll do an 8-day Intensive Scalp Infusion to give my head an extra boost of hair-nourishing goodness. I can really tell a difference after I do the infusion, as my scalp will tingle a little with all of the stimulation it’s getting from all the great nutrients and peptides designed to strengthen the hair roots.

I’ll always use the Keranique shampoos because they make my hair and my scalp feel so squeaky clean, unlike any products I have ever used. I also continue to use their treatments to maintain my awesome new hair. Keranique has made such a big difference in my life that now I don’t hesitate to tell everyone I know to try out their fantastic products. Not only do I have my old hair back, it’s down past my shoulders and thicker than it ever was. I feel pretty again, and the feeling is priceless.

Keranique Testimonial: Mona G.

Hi. My name is Mona G., and I just have to tell people how Keranique saved my hair. You should know that all of the women in my family begin losing their hair at around age 30, so I thought I was just doomed to have a bald spot and thinning hair, too. I figured it was my destiny to have bad hair. One morning, I cried as I watched several clumps of my long brown tresses just slip down the shower drain. I went to lunch with a friend that day, and after she listened to me complain, she told me about Keranique and how it was helping women everywhere save their hair.

“I’ve heard about those kind of products before,” I said, “but do they really work?” My friend assured me that Keranique worked like a charm for her mother’s thinning hair, and she encouraged me to give it a try. I visited the Keranique website and read about the FDA approved ingredient that they use to help stimulate the follicles to grow new hair. They offered a 30-day trial of the product – I’d only have to pay for shipping if I wasn’t satisfied – so I ordered a bottle of the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner. Within 2 days, I had the products and began using them as directed on the package.

My hair has never felt so clean. The shampoo and conditioner made my hair shinier and fuller-looking than it had been in years. Even my husband commented that I must be using a new hair salon. Still, I was losing hair and it concerned me. I went through 3 weeks of losing more hair than I was shedding before. But I read on the website that this “cleansing” hair loss in the beginning is to be expected. The follicles are cleaning themselves up, getting ready to produce more hair. To further help my hair regrow, I upped my game and ordered the Hair Regrowth Treatment. I lost more hair for about 1 more week, but then my hair started growing back like crazy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up one morning and noticed how much thicker and darker my hair looked. Who would have thought that six months before, I was freaking out and crying about my bald spot growing bigger? I continued to use the Hair Regrowth Treatment for another 4 months, and it was like a miracle. I no longer watched my hair wash away down the drain, and I no longer had to clean clumps of hair out of my hairbrushes. My hair loss completely stopped, and my hair grew longer and fuller than it did when I was a teenager. My hairdresser noticed a difference within a month or two, and he started recommending Keranique products to his other clients who were experiencing hair loss and thinning.

Today, I still use the Keranique products like the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, but I use the Follicle Boosting Serum now rather than the Hair Regrowth Treatment. The Follicle Boosting Serum helps keep my hair full and sleek now that my hair is growing normally. The Keranique products work together to help me maintain the hair I once only dreamed about, and I would encourage every woman to try them out for herself. You really have nothing to lose, since you’ll only have to pay for shipping if you don’t get the results you want. But I think anyone who uses Keranique products will agree that they give your scalp a second chance. You’ll have more confidence and self-assurance when your hair returns to its youthful glory. Keranique did this for me, and it will work for you, too.

Go ahead and try Keranique today, before you lose any more of your precious hair. Select products for your specific needs, since every woman’s scalp is different, and use these regularly as directed. With Keranique hair care products and a bit of patience, you’re going to be amazed at the glowing regrowth of your own tresses, just like I was with mine.

My success story with Keranique

My name is Amy and I recently started noticing some problems with my hair. My hair was not my best feature ever since I can remember, but for the past few years, things have been getting even worse. My hair has been getting more and more brittle and lifeless, and I have even started noticing some patches without hair. Since my mother also had a problem with bald patches when she got older, I was very worried that the same thing was happening to me.
I even visited a doctor and told him about my problems with my hair; however, he was not too concerned. He said it could be just some hormonal changes (I am 52 years old) and that I should not worry too much about it. But the thing is I was not only worried about the health part, I was of course also worried about my looks. My appearance is very important to me and I really did not want to end up with nasty looking bald patches all over my head. I decided to try and do something about it.
I bought every shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment drug stores had to offer, I ordered hair products online and I even went as far as to make my own hair-stimulating potions. Needless to say, nothing had much effect. My hair situation was not really improving, so I was slowly beginning to lose all hope. I was actually thinking about getting a wig at some point – but luckily, I discovered Keranique before I could go ahead with that idea.
I found Keranique by chance – I was browsing the web on a Sunday night and I came across an ad for Keranique. At first, I was not impressed; Keranique seemed like many of the products that I have already tried and that did not really deliver the results they were promising. However, since it was a Sunday night and I had nothing better to do, I decided to do some reading on Keranique. With every sentence I read, I was more impressed, and even the reviews of other women who have tried Keranique were very inspiring. So without much thought, I decided to give Keranique a try as well.
My first thought when I used the Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo was “Wow – now that’s CLEAN!” I can honestly say that I have never experienced a feeling of such cleanness – my scalp actually felt lighter, freer and 100% clean. Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner was another amazing product that I simply loved – it gave my hair so much volume without weighting it down, so my hair style looked simply perfect without me having to do anything about it.
Since I really wanted to do absolutely everything that I could to improve the condition of my hair, I also tried out Keranique Follicle Boosting Serum. This was probably one of the best decisions of my life; the serum truly gave my hair a whole new dimension and I am happy to say that its results are much more long-lasting than I would have imagined.
Keranique was truly a life saver in my case, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has any kind of problems with their hair, especially when it comes to thin, brittle hair that is lifeless and hasn’t got that attractive shine we all want to much. Keranique is incredibly easy to use, does not cause any unpleasant side effects that I have experienced with some of the other treatments I have tried before using Keranique and does not cost a fortune. If I only imagine the amount of money I spent on treatments that did not work at all – and to think I could be using Keranique all that time … Well, better late than never, right?
Keranique truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful for it. If you are still hesitating, I can only say that you should definitely give Keranique a try. It cannot hurt, and it can improve the quality of your hair in only a few short weeks. I know I will never stop using Keranique and I look forward to decades of great hair, amazing looks and spectacular self-confidence that Keranique has enabled for me.

When i began to notice my hair thinning out

It wasn’t until my late 40s that I began to notice my hair thinning out. I could see my scalp quite clearly and even noticed hair in the shower and on my hairbrush. I started to do a little research online and found out that as women get older their hair loses nutrients while the hair follicles shrink causing weakness as well as fine hair. I have always been proud of my hair and didn’t like the idea of it deteriorating even further.

Speaking to a female friend of mine at work I was surprised to find out she had the same problem with hair loss. She suggested using Keranique, an advanced hair regrowth treatment, which:

  • Reverses signs of hair loss and thinning
  • Revitalizes hair follicles to regrow hair
  • Is clinically proven to regrow a woman’s hair

I thought I would do a little more research about this product which is a revitalization system especially produced with women like me in mind. It contains a unique chemical, Minoxidil that slows and stops hair loss while promoting hair regrowth. It was time to take steps to reverse my hair loss issues which I was getting quite embarrassed about. I was pleased to read that Keranique is also an FDA approved product to treat hair loss and regrow hair whatever age or type of hair women have. This advanced hair care and hair treatment range is specially formulated to interact well with the biochemistry of women to get the bounce, body and shine back into their hair.

After checking out more info I decided to place an order for the full Keranique package online which included:-

A shampoo that volumizes and fortifies the hair – the shampoo is infused with antioxidants along with vitamins that soothe and nourish the hair
A conditioner that revitalizes – it also adds volume
Hair regrowth treatment – contains ingredients that regrow and thicken the hair
Amplifying lift spray – this gives instant fullness and body. It also repairs the hair and protects it against heat damage or breakage

The instructions were easy to follow. All I had to do was apply Keranique twice a day onto the scalp in my hair loss area. The more I used Keranique, the quicker I would see results. In a matter of a couple of weeks I could definitely see a difference in my hair. It was thicker, luscious, shiny and bouncy, just what I wanted. I could no longer see any bald spots or my scalp when looking in the mirror. My friend at work was delighted to see the results of using Keranique, she said my hair looked:

  1. Much more healthy
  2. Thicker and less limp 
  3. Like it had more volume

Apparently many women around the age of 30 start to lose hair volume. It also begins to thin out. By the age of 50 there’s a decrease in shine which can lead to many different types of hair conditions such as poor coloring, thinning and fall out. Hair loss can also be a hereditary thing, but I must say no ladies in my family had any problems with their hair. The Keranique product range is the solution to hair loss issues for women who love their hair.

As the weeks turned into months my hair is better than ever and I feel really good about my appearance again. Keranique has also made my hair thicker and fuller while being more manageable. When you read that hair beauty experts have also fully endorsed Keranique you know you’re on to a good thing. My hair has stopped falling out and now looks completely rejuvenated.

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, if you color or treat your hair or it’s already thinning, Keranique can work for you. It addresses the real hair loss problem that many women have. The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is also good and the fragrance is invigorating. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the many positive online reviews about Keranique like:

  • “my hair loss problems are now a thing of the past because of Keranique”
  • “my hair is no longer thin, dull and lifeless”¬†
  • “I can’t praise Keranique highly enough”

Keranique Hair Wonder Products

My name is Judith, and I would like to tell you about my positive experience with Keranique hair treatments. First, let share some things about myself. Prior to discovering the self-confidence restoring Keranique treatments, I suffered from damaged, lackluster and thinning hair. As a 37-year old HR professional, I struggled with maintaining a poised and polished appearance. I’m not a particularly vain person, but most mornings I cringed at the deplorable state of fine, limp hair. I thought there was not much I could do to get a full head of thick and lustrous hair that I always wanted. The women in my family have always suffered from thin and brittle hair. Until I found Keranique, I thought I was destined to have constantly thinning hair and to suffer in embarrassing and painful silence until it became noticeable.

Prior to finding Keranique, I had tried other treatments. Either they worked for a limited time or they did not work at all. I was always frustrated that men have always had a myriad of hair restoration products to choose from for baldness or thinning hair. While baldness for men might seem like a bigger problem than does thin hair for women, it causes many of the same psychological issues. Our self-esteem and self-worth directly connect with our outward appearance. A key factor to our self-image is showing off healthy tresses as part of the comprehensive public image. Until Keranique introduced its hair restoration products, we did not have many options to treat our damaged and thinning hair.

I first heard about Keranique from my hair stylist who treated her thinning hair due to hormonal issues. She convinced me that I should order Keranique. I’ll admit I felt skeptical about trying Keranique. First, I went to the Keranique website to learn more about the hair products. I was positively surprised that Keranique’s hair products targeted women. I also didn’t realize that Keranique used FDA-approved Minoxidil, which is the only effective hair restoration system for women. I also read how Minoxidil specifically focuses on women’s hair growth problems, starting with the hair growth cycle. Minoxidil also works to strengthen hair shafts and restore damaged hair follicles and is pH-balanced.

I went online to read Keranique product reviews. Many of these sites featured mixed Keranique results. Some women felt that this was the only product that had effectively treated their thinning hair problems. Others felt it hadn’t worked fully. However, by this time my hair was so thin that I felt I had nothing to lose in trying Keranique. What made try the products was the absence of dyes and other artificial ingredients that could have caused further damage to my delicate hair. I immediately wanted to try the complete Keranique kit that would further protect my hair from the adverse brushing, combing and heat styling effects that my hair has suffered.

I am so glad that I ordered the fabulous Keranique products. I realized it would be easy to try, as I would only pay initially for the shipping costs of the 30-day trial. I understood that if I liked the results after the trial period, I would agree to pay for further shipments every 60 days. I knew results would not occur overnight. For this specific reason, I needed to give Keranique sufficient time to see positive results.

After five months of continuous use, as indicated on the directions, my hair is growing back! What I love about my new hair is its quality and texture. I feel happy that Keranique covers all my hair needs from washing it with a revitalizing shampoo that removes harmful elements from my scalp, such dirt, and pollutants. The gentle shampoo with peppermint oil removes excessive buildup caused by using other products. I love how the volumizing conditioner works to give my fine hair the dimension, shine and volume that it previously did not have. I marvel at how Keranique’s regrowth treatment and amplifying spray complete my hair’s restoration and enhancement. The daily usage gives my once brittle hair new life.

Thanks to the wonderful Keranique products, my hair looks healthy and feels soft. Keranique offers the best hair products that you will love.

Keranique for Damaged Hair

I’m Mandy, as a teen I dyed my hair probably 100 times and in all different colours, swapping and changing meant I often had to bleach my hair. I didn’t realise at the time the amount of damage it was causing and just carried on anyway. When I turned 18 I was doing my hair for my party using a curling tong, I was horrified when I saw that my hair was just snapping off and breaking. A quick dash to the hairdressers sorted it out for that night but I needed a permanent solution.

I tried so many different products that all claimed to make my hair stronger or less damaged or other strange things. But all I found them doing was adding build up to my hair to just temporarily mask the problem. My hair was still snapping and I was miserable. I was looking online for solutions still and found Keranique, it claimed all the things that other products did but it seems so much more simple and they weren’t trying to sell me a whole range of things too.

The 30 day free trial was a very good idea and gave me confidence that Keranique is a company that cares about its customers, letting you try something for just the cost of postage is really cool. In all honesty, the more I read the happier I became, I even found testimonials and reviews online from other people who had the same problem as me and they found Keranique to be not just effective but fast working. I skipped the free trial and got the full Keranique system instead.

I am so glad I did, as soon as it came I opened the package, the bottles are lovely but simple so I know I’m not just paying for fancy packaging. The instructions are easy to follow and I found the product easy to use. The shampoo and conditioner are amazing and smell wonderful, my hair started to feel good just after one wash, it was silky smooth but with no product build up, in fact the shampoo is designed to remove build up which is exactly what I wanted.

There were no ridiculous claims from Keranique, another thing I found comforting as some other companies claim the impossible. After a few weeks of using the shampoo and conditioner, along with the regrowth treatment and the lift spray I was getting compliments. People were asking me what I’d had done to my hair, I’d explain I was just looking after it finally, which is true! Keranique has now stopped the breakage almost totally and I can see new hair growing. It’s looking thicker and my dried out frazzled look is turning into a glossy, fuller look which is exactly what I have been looking for for years.

If you have really damaged hair like me then I can honestly say that Keranique has been the only thing that has saved it. If you’re not sure, you can always just pay the postage for the free trial but I can guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results!

Keranique for Thinning Hair

As I have got older I have noticed my once luscious locks have become flatter and don’t have the same volume as they did when I was younger. Now in my 40’s I was getting more and more frustrated. I like my hair long but had to consider cutting it short just so it didn’t look so flat and lifeless.

A friend told me about Keranique, she had had the same problems as me, her hair thinning out, looking flat and limp. I had noticed that her hair was looking great, at first I thought she had had extensions put in to make her hair look voluminous and pretty. I worked up the courage to ask, hoping I wasn’t going to offend her. It was quite the opposite, she told me that she had used the Keranique 30 day free trial, just paid the postage and got a kit containing amazing products. She used them for the 30 days and was stunned by the results. After this she bought the system and simply wouldn’t be without it.

Spurred on by this I decided to pay the small postage fee and get the 30 day free trial of Keranique. If it didn’t work for me then I wouldn’t have spent a lot of money. The package came soon after I ordered it and was presented nicely. It contained samples of the Keranique system. It includes a shampoo, volumizing conditioner, hair regrowth treatment and an amplifying lift spray. It all seemed very straightforward. There were no long gimmicky names or scientific sounding nonsense. Just simple and with easy to use instructions. I was curious how this was even going to work so got using it rightaway.

I followed all instructions and to be honest I was skeptical at first, wondering how a simple regime could have such a good effect. I kept thinking of my friend and knew that it could work. My hair is very thin, at my roots you can see a lot of my scalp, I wear hats as much as I can but in summer it’s just not possible to wear one all the time. Plus I was tired of hiding. After just a couple of weeks I could see a different, even my husband commented saying the large parting on my head was looking smaller. Keranique certainly seemed to be having a great effect on my hair.

After the 30 day trial I can honestly say I have noticed a significant difference in my hair. Even though it’s long it doesn’t look anywhere near as flat as it did before. The shampoo has strengthened my hair and the conditioner has given it life and volume. The Keranique hair regrowth treatment has addressed the thinness of my hair, making it thicker and looking fuller, The lift spray is one of my favorite things, it’s in my handbag all the time now! It doesn’t just protect my hair but it also gives it an instant volume boost.

I was really surprised to know that Keranique also contains the only ingredient that’s approved by the FDA to actually treat female pattern baldness. So there’s the scientific evidence that Keranique really does work using active ingredients. I didn’t hesitate after my trial, in fact I ordered before I’d even finished it and several months later I can honestly say that Keranique has given me a new lease of life. I feel confident, my hair looks amazing and I wouldn’t be without it. If you’re considering it then don’t delay, go and buy it or get the free trial, just pay postage and try it out, you’ll be glad you did!

I Got My Hair Back!

Before Keranique I was definitely starting to go bald. I am sure that I would have gone completely bald if I had never tried Keranique. It probably should not have come as such a big surprise when my hair started falling out. Afterall, my mother had thin hair and so did my grandmother. My mother even took to wearing a wig in the later years of her life. She was always embarrassed of people seeing so much of her scalp showing through. So, when I started to notice lots of hair in the shower drain, I should have known what was happening and why. I know that hair loss can be hereditary; I just never thought it would happen to me! Then I started to see too many hairs on my brush after styling my hair in the mornings. The sink where I blow dry my hair in the mornings was always getting clogged (with my hair) and I felt like I was vacuuming twice a day just the clean up after myself. I was shedding like a dog. And the result was a shiny scalp showing through what was left of my hair. Oh my goodness! I had ended up looking just like my mother! The difference between the two of us, though, was that I was not content to throw a wig over my thinning hair and pretend. I wanted my hair back!

So I decided to try a different route. I wanted to find a product that would regrow my thinning hair, so it would be thick and beautiful once again. Most importantly, it would be my very own hair! A friend suggested Keranique. She told me about the free 30-day trial. I decided to give it a try. Afterall, it is free, right? All I had to pay was a small shipping and handling fee. So I ordered the trial of Keranique and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself! Within weeks, I noticed less hair falling out when I washed, combed or dried my hair. My sink was not clogging up anymore and I could actually spend my time doing something other than vacuuming the house. Keranique made my hair thick and luxurious again. After a few months of using Keranique, I feel like my old self again. I am not embarrassed of my appearance. I love my hair and want to show it off! There will be no wigs for me! I don’t even want to wear hats anymore, because they would cover up my gorgeous hair. And the best part is that this is my very own hair. It is not hair plugs or a wig; this is just my hair growing back where it used to be; back where it is supposed to be! Keranique gave me more than my hair back.

Keranique gave me my life back. I am excited to go out to parties and restaurants now. I am thrilled to have people see me for who I really am now, rather than hiding behind some hat or wig. It feels amazing to have my hair back! My husband loves to run his fingers through it now. I just can not believe that in just a few short months I was able to grow my hair back to its thick, luxurious state with the help of Keranique!

I can have long hair again!

I come from a family with thin hair. My grandfather and father suffered from male pattern baldness from a very young age. I saw my mom’s and grandmother’s hair start thinning in their 40’s. I pretty much knew for a fact that I was never going to have a full and luscious head of hair. It still freaked me out when I noticed my hair falling out as soon as I reached 40. Being a bit of a neurotic intellectual I started devouring entire websites that explained hair loss. After much reading and consulting with my friends I decided a combination of factors conspired to make me bald. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, too much sun, swimming (like that is not exercise), and early symptoms of menopause were to blame.
I started trying any remedy anyone would recommend. Yoga, cardio, powerwalks, and standing on my head should have taken care of the exercise part as well as the stress. Still I also took up a hobby that was supposed to relax me, but ended up stressing me even more. I slept some more when I first started to exercise, but quickly got back to my usual routine. My husband complained to no end about my bills since I probably bought almost every hair loss product advertised anywhere. I cooked countless potions of egg, and liver, and mayonnaise, and oil, and avocado eating half and putting half on my scalp. I even tried not dyeing my hair for a while, which only added the same years to my appearance as thinning hair did. Still my part looked wider each day.
One day a friend recommended Keranique. She raved about the whole line of products and said they were designed especially for the hormonal needs of women. By then I had made my peace with my thinning hair and had even started saving up for a wig. Besides everything my friend said sounded like a quote from a brochure. I decide to at least research the products on line.
The Keranique website was helpful and easy to navigate. First thing I noticed was that you can try the product for 30 days, so I thought “Why not give it a go?” I placed my order and waited for my package in the mail.
Once I started using the Keranique shampoo, conditioner and hair growth treatment I could start feeling the results in a couple weeks. My hair felt softer, and on close inspection I could see tiny growths popping out all over my scalp. Keranique will send the set you need every month right to your home, which was very convenient as I decided to continue using the products. After a couple of months everyone could notice the difference. My part was not so wide and I could feel more volume on my hair, enough that I even started to grow it out, which I hadn’t thought I could do ever again. Definite proof came when I went to get my hair done in the salon before a wedding. My stylist asked me what I was doing. Now he had more hair to work with for a prettier hair style. Even my husband had to admit it, Keranique was working.
I still get the whole Keranique set every month, and now recommend it to my friends. My hair looks and feels fuller, thicker and everyone can tell! I can actually style it in many ways, and even wear it down without worrying about a huge part showing my scalp.
I will definitely continue to use the Keranique line. The beautiful hair that has resulted is worth every penny.

My experience with Keranique and other hair products

My name is Michelle and I have been struggling with hair problems ever since I can remember. I am 52 years old now and I have tried any hair product you can possibly think of. I have tried a number of shampoos, a variety of conditioners, a wide range of hair treatments and I even tried out a couple of brands of pills and capsules that were supposed to improve the condition of my hair. Needless to say, nothing showed the kind of results I was looking for – my hair was still brittle and thin, I had bald patches and my hair was breaking all the time.
I had practically given up on trying finding a solution for the condition of my hair, when I ran into an old work colleague of mine, who I remembered had the same problems as I did with her hair. Imagine my surprise when I realized that her hair now looked spectacular: it was shiny, full of volume, incredibly strong and she no longer had any bald patches. I just could not resist and I asked her what her secret was.
She told me she had started using Keranique a couple of months ago and that these were the results of the Keranique treatment. I was simply amazed – after all, I have tried out all treatments out there and absolutely nothing delivered the same kind of results. I decided right there and then that Keranique is something I absolutely have to try.
And so I did. I have to admit that I was not really expecting the same kind of results – I was convinced that my friend’s improvement was just random luck or perhaps some hormonal changes that happened to change the condition of her hair. So imagine my surprise when I started using Keranique and realized that I am getting the same kind of results.
After only a couple of uses, Keranique managed to completely transform the looks and the health of my hair. Before, my hair was brittle, thin and had absolutely no shine – after using Keranique, it started becoming stronger, it had a lot more volume and its shine was truly stunning. I was so grateful to Keranique for finally doing what a whole bunch of other hair products was not able to do before.
My favourite Keranique products are definitely the Keranique Deep Hydration Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Keranique Deep Hydration Volumizing Conditioner – they gave my hair a whole new dimension which improved the look of my hair and the quality of my life in a way I never even dared to imagine. But the Keranique product that has made most of the difference was probably the Keranique 8 Day Intensive Scalp Infusion Treatment. This was the treatment that jump started the transformation of my hair and the best part of it all is that the results are still visible even after the 8 days of treatment have passed. This gives me hope that I can truly count on Keranique to deliver long-lasting, permanent results.
My experience with Keranique has been simply fantastic and I would be more than happy to recommend this treatment to anyone who has been dealing with similar kind of problems with their hair. As I said, I have almost given up on finding the solution for my brittle, lifeless hair – after all, I have been trying to improve their condition for a couple of decades now. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing worked – and trust me, I have tried a number of different approaches. Keranique was so much different – it was incredibly easy to use, it had a very budget-friendly price and it make my hair look spectacular in no time.
If you are having any doubts and are not completely sure whether Keranique is the right product for you, I suggest you give it a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose – and you could be gaining so much. Keranique is truly a solution that improved the quality of my hair and consequently the quality of my life, and I will be forever grateful that I have found it. If you want to make a change, Keranique is definitely the way to go!