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Keranique Review: Jessica B.

My name is Jessica B. and I am a cancer survivor. I want to tell you about a product line for hair loss called Keranique. Two years ago, I lost all of my hair while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. Even after I was cured, my hair never grew back like it had… Read More »

Keranique Testimonial: Mona G.

Hi. My name is Mona G., and I just have to tell people how Keranique saved my hair. You should know that all of the women in my family begin losing their hair at around age 30, so I thought I was just doomed to have a bald spot and thinning hair, too. I figured… Read More »

My success story with Keranique

My name is Amy and I recently started noticing some problems with my hair. My hair was not my best feature ever since I can remember, but for the past few years, things have been getting even worse. My hair has been getting more and more brittle and lifeless, and I have even started noticing… Read More »

When i began to notice my hair thinning out

It wasn’t until my late 40s that I began to notice my hair thinning out. I could see my scalp quite clearly and even noticed hair in the shower and on my hairbrush. I started to do a little research online and found out that as women get older their hair loses nutrients while the… Read More »

Keranique Hair Wonder Products

My name is Judith, and I would like to tell you about my positive experience with Keranique hair treatments. First, let share some things about myself. Prior to discovering the self-confidence restoring Keranique treatments, I suffered from damaged, lackluster and thinning hair. As a 37-year old HR professional, I struggled with maintaining a poised and… Read More »

Keranique for Damaged Hair

I’m Mandy, as a teen I dyed my hair probably 100 times and in all different colours, swapping and changing meant I often had to bleach my hair. I didn’t realise at the time the amount of damage it was causing and just carried on anyway. When I turned 18 I was doing my hair… Read More »

Keranique for Thinning Hair

As I have got older I have noticed my once luscious locks have become flatter and don’t have the same volume as they did when I was younger. Now in my 40’s I was getting more and more frustrated. I like my hair long but had to consider cutting it short just so it didn’t… Read More »

I Got My Hair Back!

Before Keranique I was definitely starting to go bald. I am sure that I would have gone completely bald if I had never tried Keranique. It probably should not have come as such a big surprise when my hair started falling out. Afterall, my mother had thin hair and so did my grandmother. My mother… Read More »

I can have long hair again!

I come from a family with thin hair. My grandfather and father suffered from male pattern baldness from a very young age. I saw my mom’s and grandmother’s hair start thinning in their 40’s. I pretty much knew for a fact that I was never going to have a full and luscious head of hair.… Read More »