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My experiences with Keranique

I am 42 years old, have a family who like to get together for special occasions. Last Christmas we were celebrating and many photographs were taken. When I saw some of the photos of me I nearly died. My scalp was showing through my hair. My hair has never been thick and luscious but I… Read More »

My review on Keranique

Hey there, I am a 35 year old woman with a high powered job in finance. I obviously take great pride in my appearance especially when meeting people from all sectors, I need to look good. When washing my hair one evening I noticed lots of hairs on the shower floor, so quickly rinsed and… Read More »

How Keranique saved my life and my wedding day

My name is Jodie and I would like to tell you about my experience with Keranique. I started using it a couple of weeks ago and have already achieved some amazing results, so I’m really grateful to Keranique for making my hair look so much better. My hair has been of poor quality, had no… Read More »

My experience with Keranique

I’m Tina and I have had great hair ever since I can remember. Until I gave birth to my daughter a couple of years ago. Everyone told me that it is normal for hair quality to decrease after giving birth; however, I expected this would change in a couple of months. Instead, things only got… Read More »

Keranique Helped Reverse My Hair Loss

Everyone in my family has thick hair, including myself. I always had thick, straight hair, even as a child, but three years ago, I started noticing that my hair was thinner than normal after I would put it up in a ponytail. I noticed the circumference was becoming thinner. Around that time, I became pregnant,… Read More »

How using Keranique changed my life

My name is Jane and I’m 32 years old. I have had problems with thin hair ever since I can remember; even when I was a young child, my hair was thin and brittle. As kids can be quite cruel, you can imagine that I was the target of many jokes as a child, simply… Read More »

Keranique Saved My Hair

More women are experiencing thinning hair due to many factors, including pollution, stress, and over-processing. Aging is another contributing cause to some women’s hair becoming thinner, coarser, or weaker. While there are plenty of products available to treat men’s hair problems, there are fewer effective options for women. After an increasingly frantic search for something… Read More »

Hair re-growth thanks Keranique

When I was younger my hair was my crowning glory. A natural blonde with thick, wavy hair I was always pleased with how it looked and felt. It wasn’t until I hit my early thirties when I began to worry. A work colleague of mine made a comment about my hair looking a little thin,… Read More »