I can have long hair again!

By | June 25, 2015

I come from a family with thin hair. My grandfather and father suffered from male pattern baldness from a very young age. I saw my mom’s and grandmother’s hair start thinning in their 40’s. I pretty much knew for a fact that I was never going to have a full and luscious head of hair. It still freaked me out when I noticed my hair falling out as soon as I reached 40. Being a bit of a neurotic intellectual I started devouring entire websites that explained hair loss. After much reading and consulting with my friends I decided a combination of factors conspired to make me bald. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, too much sun, swimming (like that is not exercise), and early symptoms of menopause were to blame.
I started trying any remedy anyone would recommend. Yoga, cardio, powerwalks, and standing on my head should have taken care of the exercise part as well as the stress. Still I also took up a hobby that was supposed to relax me, but ended up stressing me even more. I slept some more when I first started to exercise, but quickly got back to my usual routine. My husband complained to no end about my bills since I probably bought almost every hair loss product advertised anywhere. I cooked countless potions of egg, and liver, and mayonnaise, and oil, and avocado eating half and putting half on my scalp. I even tried not dyeing my hair for a while, which only added the same years to my appearance as thinning hair did. Still my part looked wider each day.
One day a friend recommended Keranique. She raved about the whole line of products and said they were designed especially for the hormonal needs of women. By then I had made my peace with my thinning hair and had even started saving up for a wig. Besides everything my friend said sounded like a quote from a brochure. I decide to at least research the products on line.
The Keranique website was helpful and easy to navigate. First thing I noticed was that you can try the product for 30 days, so I thought “Why not give it a go?” I placed my order and waited for my package in the mail.
Once I started using the Keranique shampoo, conditioner and hair growth treatment I could start feeling the results in a couple weeks. My hair felt softer, and on close inspection I could see tiny growths popping out all over my scalp. Keranique will send the set you need every month right to your home, which was very convenient as I decided to continue using the products. After a couple of months everyone could notice the difference. My part was not so wide and I could feel more volume on my hair, enough that I even started to grow it out, which I hadn’t thought I could do ever again. Definite proof came when I went to get my hair done in the salon before a wedding. My stylist asked me what I was doing. Now he had more hair to work with for a prettier hair style. Even my husband had to admit it, Keranique was working.
I still get the whole Keranique set every month, and now recommend it to my friends. My hair looks and feels fuller, thicker and everyone can tell! I can actually style it in many ways, and even wear it down without worrying about a huge part showing my scalp.
I will definitely continue to use the Keranique line. The beautiful hair that has resulted is worth every penny.

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