I Got My Hair Back!

By | June 25, 2015

Before Keranique I was definitely starting to go bald. I am sure that I would have gone completely bald if I had never tried Keranique. It probably should not have come as such a big surprise when my hair started falling out. Afterall, my mother had thin hair and so did my grandmother. My mother even took to wearing a wig in the later years of her life. She was always embarrassed of people seeing so much of her scalp showing through. So, when I started to notice lots of hair in the shower drain, I should have known what was happening and why. I know that hair loss can be hereditary; I just never thought it would happen to me! Then I started to see too many hairs on my brush after styling my hair in the mornings. The sink where I blow dry my hair in the mornings was always getting clogged (with my hair) and I felt like I was vacuuming twice a day just the clean up after myself. I was shedding like a dog. And the result was a shiny scalp showing through what was left of my hair. Oh my goodness! I had ended up looking just like my mother! The difference between the two of us, though, was that I was not content to throw a wig over my thinning hair and pretend. I wanted my hair back!

So I decided to try a different route. I wanted to find a product that would regrow my thinning hair, so it would be thick and beautiful once again. Most importantly, it would be my very own hair! A friend suggested Keranique. She told me about the free 30-day trial. I decided to give it a try. Afterall, it is free, right? All I had to pay was a small shipping and handling fee. So I ordered the trial of Keranique and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself! Within weeks, I noticed less hair falling out when I washed, combed or dried my hair. My sink was not clogging up anymore and I could actually spend my time doing something other than vacuuming the house. Keranique made my hair thick and luxurious again. After a few months of using Keranique, I feel like my old self again. I am not embarrassed of my appearance. I love my hair and want to show it off! There will be no wigs for me! I don’t even want to wear hats anymore, because they would cover up my gorgeous hair. And the best part is that this is my very own hair. It is not hair plugs or a wig; this is just my hair growing back where it used to be; back where it is supposed to be! Keranique gave me more than my hair back.

Keranique gave me my life back. I am excited to go out to parties and restaurants now. I am thrilled to have people see me for who I really am now, rather than hiding behind some hat or wig. It feels amazing to have my hair back! My husband loves to run his fingers through it now. I just can not believe that in just a few short months I was able to grow my hair back to its thick, luxurious state with the help of Keranique!

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