Keranique for Thinning Hair

By | June 25, 2015

As I have got older I have noticed my once luscious locks have become flatter and don’t have the same volume as they did when I was younger. Now in my 40’s I was getting more and more frustrated. I like my hair long but had to consider cutting it short just so it didn’t look so flat and lifeless.

A friend told me about Keranique, she had had the same problems as me, her hair thinning out, looking flat and limp. I had noticed that her hair was looking great, at first I thought she had had extensions put in to make her hair look voluminous and pretty. I worked up the courage to ask, hoping I wasn’t going to offend her. It was quite the opposite, she told me that she had used the Keranique 30 day free trial, just paid the postage and got a kit containing amazing products. She used them for the 30 days and was stunned by the results. After this she bought the system and simply wouldn’t be without it.

Spurred on by this I decided to pay the small postage fee and get the 30 day free trial of Keranique. If it didn’t work for me then I wouldn’t have spent a lot of money. The package came soon after I ordered it and was presented nicely. It contained samples of the Keranique system. It includes a shampoo, volumizing conditioner, hair regrowth treatment and an amplifying lift spray. It all seemed very straightforward. There were no long gimmicky names or scientific sounding nonsense. Just simple and with easy to use instructions. I was curious how this was even going to work so got using it rightaway.

I followed all instructions and to be honest I was skeptical at first, wondering how a simple regime could have such a good effect. I kept thinking of my friend and knew that it could work. My hair is very thin, at my roots you can see a lot of my scalp, I wear hats as much as I can but in summer it’s just not possible to wear one all the time. Plus I was tired of hiding. After just a couple of weeks I could see a different, even my husband commented saying the large parting on my head was looking smaller. Keranique certainly seemed to be having a great effect on my hair.

After the 30 day trial I can honestly say I have noticed a significant difference in my hair. Even though it’s long it doesn’t look anywhere near as flat as it did before. The shampoo has strengthened my hair and the conditioner has given it life and volume. The Keranique hair regrowth treatment has addressed the thinness of my hair, making it thicker and looking fuller, The lift spray is one of my favorite things, it’s in my handbag all the time now! It doesn’t just protect my hair but it also gives it an instant volume boost.

I was really surprised to know that Keranique also contains the only ingredient that’s approved by the FDA to actually treat female pattern baldness. So there’s the scientific evidence that Keranique really does work using active ingredients. I didn’t hesitate after my trial, in fact I ordered before I’d even finished it and several months later I can honestly say that Keranique has given me a new lease of life. I feel confident, my hair looks amazing and I wouldn’t be without it. If you’re considering it then don’t delay, go and buy it or get the free trial, just pay postage and try it out, you’ll be glad you did!

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