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By | June 25, 2015

My name is Judith, and I would like to tell you about my positive experience with Keranique hair treatments. First, let share some things about myself. Prior to discovering the self-confidence restoring Keranique treatments, I suffered from damaged, lackluster and thinning hair. As a 37-year old HR professional, I struggled with maintaining a poised and polished appearance. I’m not a particularly vain person, but most mornings I cringed at the deplorable state of fine, limp hair. I thought there was not much I could do to get a full head of thick and lustrous hair that I always wanted. The women in my family have always suffered from thin and brittle hair. Until I found Keranique, I thought I was destined to have constantly thinning hair and to suffer in embarrassing and painful silence until it became noticeable.

Prior to finding Keranique, I had tried other treatments. Either they worked for a limited time or they did not work at all. I was always frustrated that men have always had a myriad of hair restoration products to choose from for baldness or thinning hair. While baldness for men might seem like a bigger problem than does thin hair for women, it causes many of the same psychological issues. Our self-esteem and self-worth directly connect with our outward appearance. A key factor to our self-image is showing off healthy tresses as part of the comprehensive public image. Until Keranique introduced its hair restoration products, we did not have many options to treat our damaged and thinning hair.

I first heard about Keranique from my hair stylist who treated her thinning hair due to hormonal issues. She convinced me that I should order Keranique. I’ll admit I felt skeptical about trying Keranique. First, I went to the Keranique website to learn more about the hair products. I was positively surprised that Keranique’s hair products targeted women. I also didn’t realize that Keranique used FDA-approved Minoxidil, which is the only effective hair restoration system for women. I also read how Minoxidil specifically focuses on women’s hair growth problems, starting with the hair growth cycle. Minoxidil also works to strengthen hair shafts and restore damaged hair follicles and is pH-balanced.

I went online to read Keranique product reviews. Many of these sites featured mixed Keranique results. Some women felt that this was the only product that had effectively treated their thinning hair problems. Others felt it hadn’t worked fully. However, by this time my hair was so thin that I felt I had nothing to lose in trying Keranique. What made try the products was the absence of dyes and other artificial ingredients that could have caused further damage to my delicate hair. I immediately wanted to try the complete Keranique kit that would further protect my hair from the adverse brushing, combing and heat styling effects that my hair has suffered.

I am so glad that I ordered the fabulous Keranique products. I realized it would be easy to try, as I would only pay initially for the shipping costs of the 30-day trial. I understood that if I liked the results after the trial period, I would agree to pay for further shipments every 60 days. I knew results would not occur overnight. For this specific reason, I needed to give Keranique sufficient time to see positive results.

After five months of continuous use, as indicated on the directions, my hair is growing back! What I love about my new hair is its quality and texture. I feel happy that Keranique covers all my hair needs from washing it with a revitalizing shampoo that removes harmful elements from my scalp, such dirt, and pollutants. The gentle shampoo with peppermint oil removes excessive buildup caused by using other products. I love how the volumizing conditioner works to give my fine hair the dimension, shine and volume that it previously did not have. I marvel at how Keranique’s regrowth treatment and amplifying spray complete my hair’s restoration and enhancement. The daily usage gives my once brittle hair new life.

Thanks to the wonderful Keranique products, my hair looks healthy and feels soft. Keranique offers the best hair products that you will love.

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