Keranique Review: Jessica B.

By | June 28, 2015

My name is Jessica B. and I am a cancer survivor. I want to tell you about a product line for hair loss called Keranique. Two years ago, I lost all of my hair while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. Even after I was cured, my hair never grew back like it had been before I got sick. Where I once had thick blonde curls, I now grew a dishwater-colored fuzz that was breakable and patchy on my scalp. It was so depressing to try to style my hair because no matter what I did, it looked sickly and limp. I started wearing hats everywhere so I didn’t have to deal with it.

I started researching hair care treatments online, hoping to find anything that might help. There are a lot of products out there that make a lot of promises, and most of them are really expensive. But the Keranique website said I could try out their hair regrowth products and I’d only have to pay the shipping and handling costs if I didn’t like them. How could I refuse the offer? With nothing to lose, I ordered the Keranique 8-Day Intensive Scalp Infusion Treatment and the Hair Regrowth Treatment with 2 Minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient. I also ordered some of the Thickening and Texturizing Mousse.

I noticed a difference in my hair in less than 2 weeks. First there was a week with some extra hair loss that worried me, but I learned that this is completely normal as the scalp becomes healthy again. Then my hair started growing in and filling in the patchy spots. It was amazing. This new hair wasn’t fuzzy or breakable, but was thick like my old hair had been. The Keranique Instant-FX Hair Thickening Fiber I received with my next order helped my hair look great while the new hair grew in. I continued using the products and my hair just kept on growing.

The Thickening and Texturizing Mousse helped me style it in ways that maximized the volume of my hair while keeping its shape. At this time, I ordered the Anti-breakage Detangling Comb, too, and it helped to minimize damage to my hair from all of the extra styling it was getting. It was so energizing and exciting to play with different hairdos and to feel feminine again! When you lose all of your hair, and then it grows back ugly, you can feel so undesirable and “different.” Keranique made me feel good about myself again. I no longer had to wear hats every day. I was proud to show off my growing curls to the world.

After getting such great results, I ordered some of the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner. They worked with the Hair Regrowth Treatment and Hair Regrowth Spray to make my hair healthier than ever. I continue to use them, as well as the mousse and the sprays, because I have yet to find any styling products that work so well. Every month or so, I’ll do an 8-day Intensive Scalp Infusion to give my head an extra boost of hair-nourishing goodness. I can really tell a difference after I do the infusion, as my scalp will tingle a little with all of the stimulation it’s getting from all the great nutrients and peptides designed to strengthen the hair roots.

I’ll always use the Keranique shampoos because they make my hair and my scalp feel so squeaky clean, unlike any products I have ever used. I also continue to use their treatments to maintain my awesome new hair. Keranique has made such a big difference in my life that now I don’t hesitate to tell everyone I know to try out their fantastic products. Not only do I have my old hair back, it’s down past my shoulders and thicker than it ever was. I feel pretty again, and the feeling is priceless.

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