Keranique Saved My Hair

By | June 24, 2015

More women are experiencing thinning hair due to many factors, including pollution, stress, and over-processing. Aging is another contributing cause to some women’s hair becoming thinner, coarser, or weaker. While there are plenty of products available to treat men’s hair problems, there are fewer effective options for women. After an increasingly frantic search for something to keep my hair from falling out, and possibly, to replace the hair I’d lost, I found Keranique. I wasn’t sure whether it would work, as other highly recommended products had failed, but I decided to give it a try.

Keranique is based on a three-step process that made sense to me. First, I applied a special shampoo that thoroughly cleaned my scalp and hair. My head has never felt cleaner, and there was less of an oily residue. My skin felt fresh, as though it were able to breathe for the first time in many years. I shampoo my hair on average about three times a week, so I didn’t even have to use the product every day. I washed my hair as usual with Keranique’s shampoo, and immediately began to appreciate the difference in the feel and look of my hair.

The second step of the Keranique process is conditioning. To keep clean hair healthy, it needs to be protected during the day from the things that cause damage and strain, such as dust, air pollutants, and over-processing with heating equipment like a blow dryer or a hot curler as well as styling products. I began using these things less on my hair. At the same time I started to use Keranique’s special conditioner after every shampooing. The conditioner contains many vitamins that are healthy for hair and the scalp, along with anti-oxidants. My hair was now protected throughout the day and between washings. This helped to make it resistant to breakage, so I now saw fewer hairs in my brush and more on my head.

Keranique’s third step is the option of applying a regrowth stimulator that helps follicles to regenerate instead of shutting down. Based on a foundation of minoxidil, this product was routinely used to promote new growth. Sure enough, after a short time new, fine hairs sprouted at my temples. The patches of scalp that could be seen through my thinning hair were disappearing, filled in by new hair growth. It took some time, since hair goes through a shedding cycle followed by a growth cycle, each of which can take months. But it wasn’t long before I saw noticeable improvements in the thickness and fullness of my hair. The third step also comes with a hair volumizer to lift and enhance a head of hair. These two steps made it look almost as if I were wearing an attractive new wig.

I’m grateful for the expertise Keranique has developed in this line of products for women’s thinning hair. Now I feel more attractive and confident, knowing that my hair looks healthy and full. I am a dedicated customer.

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