Keranique Testimonial: Mona G.

By | June 28, 2015

Hi. My name is Mona G., and I just have to tell people how Keranique saved my hair. You should know that all of the women in my family begin losing their hair at around age 30, so I thought I was just doomed to have a bald spot and thinning hair, too. I figured it was my destiny to have bad hair. One morning, I cried as I watched several clumps of my long brown tresses just slip down the shower drain. I went to lunch with a friend that day, and after she listened to me complain, she told me about Keranique and how it was helping women everywhere save their hair.

“I’ve heard about those kind of products before,” I said, “but do they really work?” My friend assured me that Keranique worked like a charm for her mother’s thinning hair, and she encouraged me to give it a try. I visited the Keranique website and read about the FDA approved ingredient that they use to help stimulate the follicles to grow new hair. They offered a 30-day trial of the product – I’d only have to pay for shipping if I wasn’t satisfied – so I ordered a bottle of the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner. Within 2 days, I had the products and began using them as directed on the package.

My hair has never felt so clean. The shampoo and conditioner made my hair shinier and fuller-looking than it had been in years. Even my husband commented that I must be using a new hair salon. Still, I was losing hair and it concerned me. I went through 3 weeks of losing more hair than I was shedding before. But I read on the website that this “cleansing” hair loss in the beginning is to be expected. The follicles are cleaning themselves up, getting ready to produce more hair. To further help my hair regrow, I upped my game and ordered the Hair Regrowth Treatment. I lost more hair for about 1 more week, but then my hair started growing back like crazy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up one morning and noticed how much thicker and darker my hair looked. Who would have thought that six months before, I was freaking out and crying about my bald spot growing bigger? I continued to use the Hair Regrowth Treatment for another 4 months, and it was like a miracle. I no longer watched my hair wash away down the drain, and I no longer had to clean clumps of hair out of my hairbrushes. My hair loss completely stopped, and my hair grew longer and fuller than it did when I was a teenager. My hairdresser noticed a difference within a month or two, and he started recommending Keranique products to his other clients who were experiencing hair loss and thinning.

Today, I still use the Keranique products like the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, but I use the Follicle Boosting Serum now rather than the Hair Regrowth Treatment. The Follicle Boosting Serum helps keep my hair full and sleek now that my hair is growing normally. The Keranique products work together to help me maintain the hair I once only dreamed about, and I would encourage every woman to try them out for herself. You really have nothing to lose, since you’ll only have to pay for shipping if you don’t get the results you want. But I think anyone who uses Keranique products will agree that they give your scalp a second chance. You’ll have more confidence and self-assurance when your hair returns to its youthful glory. Keranique did this for me, and it will work for you, too.

Go ahead and try Keranique today, before you lose any more of your precious hair. Select products for your specific needs, since every woman’s scalp is different, and use these regularly as directed. With Keranique hair care products and a bit of patience, you’re going to be amazed at the glowing regrowth of your own tresses, just like I was with mine.

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