My experiences with Keranique

By | June 25, 2015

I am 42 years old, have a family who like to get together for special occasions. Last Christmas we were celebrating and many photographs were taken. When I saw some of the photos of me I nearly died. My scalp was showing through my hair. My hair has never been thick and luscious but I always took great care of it. I bought the best products, or so I thought, when washing and conditioning it. I had noticed my hairbrush was collecting more hair than usual but didn’t really think anything of it.

Confiding in my sister she told me she had seen a change in my hair but hadn’t wanted to worry me. We both started browsing on the internet looking for answers. I noticed a website describing Keranique as a unique formula which could help in the regrowth of hair. I didn’t waste any time and placed an order. It wasn’t long before the postman was knocking on my door.

I read that Keranique is a product that can thicken and make hair regrow. It uses special ingredients including the chemical, Minoxidil. This strengthens hair to make it more luxurious and fuller from the root right through to the tip. If this worked for me, it would make such a difference to how I felt and looked. After using it for a while I actually saw a difference, my hair wasn’t:

  • Falling out as much
  • As thin on top
  • Thin or damaged any more
  • Dull and lifeless

My sister and family commented how stronger, fuller and healthier my hair looked. Although I hadn’t really noticed how thin my hair had become, I could also feel a difference. Keranique treated my hair thinning problem and hair loss by getting to the root of the matter. It revitalized my hair follicles which meant I once again had a thicker, manageable and shinier head of hair.
When I ordered Keranique shampoo and conditioner I also bought the lift spray and regrowth cream, so glad I did.

The shampoo definitely stimulated my scalp
The conditioner which contains keratin, volumized my hair
The amplifying lift spray gave my hair a new lease of life
The regrowth cream did what it promised to do, grow new hair

Following the instructions proved to be so simple. I still use Keranique to this day, it has eliminated the bald and thin spots where my hair was falling out. If you’re searching for long term solutions to improve the look of your crowning glory, I highly recommend Keranique. The magic ingredient Minoxidil promotes blood, nutrients and oxygen to the follicles making them stronger which in turn helps to make hair fuller looking and healthier.

I discovered that women can lose their hair through stress, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression but I didn’t suffer any of these symptoms. I put the problem down to natural causes. Thankfully I now have thicker, stronger and glossy hair so don’t mind having photographs taken by family or friends.
Featured on the website are before and after photographs. If you have thinning hair or you find a lot of hairs in your hairbrush, check out what women looked like before using Keranique. There are also many online reviews to read praising this amazing product. No more hair breakage, baldness or hair loss – now doesn’t that sound really good? Even my hairdresser has commented on the change of the texture of my hair. If she has noticed, then so will you.

Transform your thin, dull and lank tresses into voluminous, thicker and well nourished hair by using Keranique.

I can quite categorically say I was so pleased in finding these wonderful Keranique products online that they are now a permanent feature in my bathroom. With their lovely perfume and guarantee that they work, why don’t you buy the shampoo and conditioner to start off with? It won’t take long to see positive results in a very short space of time. You can then order the lift spray and regrowth cream. Get your hair back to what it used to be by using Keranique hair treatments. It did the trick for me so it’s sure to do the same for you.

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